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Where Wilderness
County's UTs

Washington County's 35 unorganized townships are characterized by
rugged landscapes, pristine lakes and waterways, and rich indigenous heritage.

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About the UTs

In the northeastern reaches of Maine, you'll find Washington County's 35 unorganized townships. These UTs are a testament to the region's wild and rugged character, attracting outdoor adventurers and nature lovers alike. With their remote lakes, meandering waterways, and deep-rooted hunting and sporting culture, these territories offer a quintessential Maine experience.

These unorganized territories rely on the dedicated support of the Washington County Office of Unorganized Territories. This office plays a pivotal role in managing the municipal affairs for these 35 territories. They work diligently to provide essential services, maintain infrastructure, and promote sustainable development, all while safeguarding the distinctive natural beauty and rich cultural heritage that define these areas.

View of Wabassus Lake