Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Municipal Services

In the Unorganized Territories, residents have access to a range of essential municipal services. They can register their vehicles, obtain copies of vital records, purchase hunting and fishing licenses, and participate in state and federal elections through town offices in nearby municipalities. Additionally, vital services such as police, fire, EMS, and solid waste services are provided through contracts with nearby municipalities and local companies. General assistance is provided through the Washington County Office of Unorganized Territories.

Town Office Services

Police, Fire, and EMS

If this is an emergency, please dial 911.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office are responsible for law enforcement within the Unorganized Territories. The non-emergency number for the Sheriff's Office is (207) 255-4422, or (207) 255-3128 for the Machias RCC.

Fire and emergency medical services (EMS) are provided through collaborative efforts with nearby municipalities and some local companies. This cooperative approach ensures that UT residents have access to prompt and professional emergency response services. Local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and EMS teams work closely together to address the safety and security needs of the UTs, creating a safer living environment for the community. This interagency cooperation is vital in guaranteeing the protection of residents and their properties in these rural areas.

Solid Waste

Transfer stations within the UTs as well as in surrounding municipalities provide residents with a place to dispose of their trash and recyclables. These facilities are essential for managing waste efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Post Offices

There is one post office located within the UTs, in Brookton. Residents of the UTs can also use their nearest post office in a nearby municipality.